Product Details

The Slimline Clearline Hanger Kit

…… our most unobtrusive hanger yet!


The Clearline hanger kits for the Slimline Art Hanging System contain 10 x 2m Clearline hangers + 10 x Adjustable Hooks.  Everything you need to hang up to 10 pictures is included in the pack (track sold separately). The Clearline hanger kit comes with either the Slimline Mini Hook (Allen Key included) OR the all NEW Gallery Systems Clearline Push Button Hook.

Measuring only 1.4mm in diameter the Clearline hangers offer low visibility while ensuring maximum strength.   The Clearline Hangers for the Slimline Art Hanging System are easy to install, affordable, and offer the flexibility to change your art repeatedly without having to repair your walls. The Clearline hangers also offer the flexibility to be inserted into the Slimline track at any point.

MAXIMUM WEIGHT The Slimline Clearline Hangers will hold a maximum weight of 8kg per Clearline Hanger using the Mini hooks OR a maximum weight of 6kg using the Clearline Push Button hooks.  

If you have pictures heavier than the maximum weights you can double hang (ie. use two hangers and hooks per picture).

NOTE:  Multiple hooks can be used on one hanger to display pictures one under the other.  However, do not exceed the maximum weight as specified above.