Slimline Art Hanging System

An unobtrusive picture hanging system!

Ideal for the home, office, or wherever you have lighter art to hang!


The Slimline Art Hanging Systems are a very unobtrusive system based on a very slim track that is designed to butt up against your ceiling or cornice where it is less noticeable.

Depending on the hangers and hooks you use, you can still hang pictures weighing up to 15kg.

The Slimline Art Hanging System is made up of four main components

  1. Track – Sold in 2 m lengths, in powder coated white or anodised silver.
  2. Wall Anchors – these are used to fix the track to the wall and come in packs of 5 or 25.
  3. Hangers – Fit into the track with a choice of Slimline Clear Tape or Slimline Stainless Cable hangers.
  4. Hooks – Thread onto the hangers with a choice of Slimline Mini Hooks or Slimline Push-Button Hooks (depending on which hanger you choose).

By using the Slimline system, it is easy to make changes.  Just add or remove hangers or hooks to achieve the layout you want.


If your pictures are leaning too far forward, you can add in the new HangRight Clips.  These clips will work with any of our hanging systems –  The Gallery SystemSlimline System or Traditional Picture Rail hangers.  The HangRight Clips position your art closer to the wall for a professional display every time.

Gallery Systems design and manufacture our art track hanging systems in Australia.