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The Gallery Lighting System brings your artwork to life!

When it comes to displaying your artwork, choosing the correct lighting solution is crucial. At Gallery Systems, we offer quality art lighting solutions that help you showcase your favourite pieces. Even in the most well-lit rooms, the finer details in a piece can succumb to poor lighting. The Gallery Lighting System is specifically designed to showcase your art so that every piece receives the attention it deserves.

Affordable to buy, easy to install (DIY) and efficient to run.  You can move the light anywhere along the track where the lighting system is installed.

  • The LOW VOLTAGE light wands lock onto the same track that hangs your art.
  • The flat power cable fits into the top section of The Gallery System track to carry the safe 12-volt current from the transformer across the top of your track.
  • You only need low power lamps because the system places the lights close to the artwork.
  • Using lower power lamps also means LOW electricity bills and LOW heat emission.



Your new system includes The Gallery System track, lighting transformer kit, light wands and lamps – PRE-WIRED & READY TO GO.

  • The Gallery System Track: Comes in either 2-metre or 3-metre lengths, in white powder-coated or silver-anodised finishes.
  • Light Wands: The fittings on the stainless-steel wands come in white or black – and you can choose lamps to match.
  • Lamps: Available in 7-watt LED lamps (up to 40,000 hours) or 20-watt halogen (up to 5,000 hours). The lamp angle is adjustable to cater for different art positions on the wall.


  1. Measure your wall space.
  2. Decide on how many lights you require.
  3. Choose your kit by factoring in the answers to 1 & 2.
  • The Micro Kit: Runs up to 6 lights (over approx. 6m of track)
  • The Mini Kit: Runs up to 8 lights (over approx. 9m of track)
  • The Maxi Kit: Runs up to 18 lights (over approx. 20m of track)
  1. Choose the colour of your light wands and lamps.

(choice of stainless steel with white fittings or stainless steel with charcoal fittings)



The Gallery Lighting System can be installed by a home handyman.  If you would like your transformer hard-wired into the ceiling, a licensed electrician is then required.

For full installation instructions see

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“The components all went together very easily and the standard and design of all was extremely high. We thoroughly endorse your product and invite prospective clients to view our gallery to see the installed system of light” – Ian Holwell, President Stawell Railway Station Gallery


“We are particularly impressed with the Gallery Lighting System – so much more effective than the usual gallery lighting” –  Giovanna Olive, Landsborough Gallery, Queensland


“The obvious benefits to me are low installation cost, low running cost, versatility, low heat and of course, the excellent overall effect of the lights on the artwork. Another benefit some people may overlook is that with the lighting system being direct onto the artwork, we are able to keep the rest of the lighting in the gallery to a minimum, if not delete it altogether, therefore minimizing any distraction from the artwork” – Gary Myers, Artist, Queensland