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Gallery Systems

Give your beautiful piece of art the display it deserves!

Our unobstructive art gallery hanging systems are customised to present and safely hold any piece of art. Each of our hanging and display systems are strong, flexible, easy to install and can be modified quickly for changing layouts.

Transform a bland or static wall into a dynamic and fresh gallery space with one of our display systems below.

The Original Gallery System

The Gallery System is our original hanging system. Ideal for displaying numerous heavy pieces of art, the hanging system is a strong and versatile display system that adapts quickly to changing needs.

The Gallery Lighting System

New to Gallery Systems, our Gallery Lighting System provides the perfect adjustable lit presentation for private home art displays or galleries who are wanting to create a point of interest on a wall.

The Display System

Our unique Display System consists of a tensioned stainless steel cable supporting clear acrylic holder. Designed to give a sophisticated architectural look, this system is ideal for windows of real estate agents, banks, hair salons and travel agencies.

The Slimline Art Hanging System

The Slimline Art Hanging System is an unobtrusive system designed for hanging lighter pieces of art up to 15kg depending on the required hooks. This system has a very slim track which has been designed to butt up against the ceiling or cornice.

The Traditional Picture Rail Hook System

The Traditional Hook Hanging System has been designed for hanging pictures off an existing picture rail. With heavy solid brass or stainless steel hooks, the system has been redesigned to ensure your pictures hang flush against the wall, sitting at the proper angle.

HangRight Clips

HangRight Clips are designed to help stop art and photos from leaning too far forward when suspended using a hanging system. These clips will work with the Gallery System, Slimline System or Traditional Picture Rail Hanging System.

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