Product Details

Slimline Track – White or Silver

The Slimline Track comes in 2 m lengths, powder-coated white (Made In Australia), or anodised silver. It can be easily cut to size with a hacksaw.  For each length of track, you need to purchase one pack of 5 wall anchors to fix the track to the wall (screws not included).  We now offer a pack of 25 Wall Anchors for larger installations (for every five lengths of track you need one pack of 25 Wall Anchors).


Do you want your track to match the colour of your walls?  YES this is possible.  Generally, Dulux colours and the sky is the limit on what colour you would like!  Ask your distributor for more information on this.  (NOTE: there may be a surcharge for small orders with a lead time of around 2 weeks for custom colours).

Note:  If you wish to cut the track you may need extra Wall Anchors.

Note:  Wall Anchors and End Caps are sold separately