Product Details

Slimline Stainless Steel Cable Hangers

Slimline Stainless Steel Cable Hangers come in packs of 10 x 2m lengths.   These hangers conveniently fit into your Slimline track at any point along the length of track. You then thread your adjustable hook onto the cable and hang your picutre.  It is that simple?


The ends of the cable are finished in our factory so they will not fray.  If you have excess cable below the picture, just coil the cable and tuck the tail end through the coil two or three times.  It will then stay in place behind the picture.  DO NOT CUT THE CABLE AS THE ENDS WILL FRAY.


Don’t forget to order adjustable hooks (Slimline Mini Hook or Slimline Push-Button Hook) as they are not included with the pack of hangers.


Maximum weight on one hanger is 15kg (33 lbs) 


You may hang two or more pictures on one hanger. Recommended weight on one hook is 14kg (30 lbs) for the Push-Button Hook and 15kg (33 lbs) for one Mini Hook.