Product Details

The art Gallery Lighting System brings your artwork to life!

When it comes to displaying your artwork, choosing the correct lighting solution is crucial. At Gallery Systems, we offer quality art lighting solutions that help you showcase your favourite pieces. Even in the most well-lit rooms, the finer details in a piece can succumb to poor lighting. The art Gallery Lighting System is specifically designed to showcase your art so that every piece receives the attention it deserves.

The benefits of our art Gallery Lighting System include:

  1. Our 12V system is a DIY product that can be installed by anyone which means no additional time or money is spent on hiring an electrician!
  2. The Gallery Lighting System is economical. Not only is the system affordable, but it utilises low watt LED lamps to ensure that running costs are kept low over the long term.
  3. The Gallery Lighting System is flexible. This type of versatility means that you can move lights anywhere along the track where the lighting system is installed to suit your gallery lighting needs.
  4. Our Gallery Lighting System delivers a professional look and feel to any display!

Because our lighting places the light directly on your artwork, it really brings your art to life.

How it works:

Low voltage light wands lock onto the same Gallery Systems track which hangs your art. A flat power cable fitted into the top section of the track carries 12 volt current along the track from a transformer.

NOTE:  The art Gallery Lighting System can be retrofitted to exiting Gallery System installations using The Gallery System track.

If you move your art, no worries!  Just unlock the light wand, reposition it over the art, lock in place, and our lighting system will illuminate your artwork once again in its new position.

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