Product Details

The Gallery System Allen Key Hooks


These hooks can be used with the Gallery Clear Tape Hangers, Gallery Stainless Cable Hangers or the Traditional Picture Rail Hangers. The hook locks in place using the Allen key supplied in each pack of ten.  These hooks are a perfect addition to any Traditional Picture Rail Hook System. Talk to us today to see how we can help you improve your Gallery.

The maximum weight on one Gallery Allen Key Hook is 20kg (44 lbs) 

NOTE: When using this hook with the Gallery Clear Tape system there is a maximum weight of 15kg (33 lbs) per hanger.

IMPORTANT: Use two hangers and hooks for all pictures weighing over the recommended maximum hook weight.  During the hanging process, ensure the weight of the picture is evenly distributed on both hooks at ALL times.  This will prevent overloading one hook which may result in damage to the hook or hanger.